Gov. Rick Scott Announces Presidential Endorsement

Gov. Rick Scott Announces Presidential Endorsement

By: Dan Spencer (Diary) | March 16th, 2016 at 02:00 PM | 35

Florida Gov. Rick Scott endorses Donald Trump for president. Scott announced the endorsement Wednesday on his official Facebook page, saying it’s time for Republicans to accept and respect the will of the voters:

I’m asking all Republicans today to come together and begin preparing to win the general election in November.

With his victories yesterday, I believe it is now time for Republicans to accept and respect the will of the voters and coalesce behind Donald Trump.

This has been a hard fought primary, with an outstanding roster of excellent candidates, including two of Florida’s favorite sons, and several Republican Governors who are close friends of mine.

But the voters are speaking clearly – they want a businessman outsider who will dramatically shake up the status quo in Washington.

When I first ran for Governor the political class and party leaders opposed me with great vigor, and some even said if I won the primary they would never vote for me. But the voters had other ideas, and they are the only ones who count.

Here’s what really matters – we have to elect a Republican in the fall in order to grow jobs, rebuild our military, and put a person who respects the Constitution on the Supreme Court.

This is the stuff that truly matters.

If we spend another four months tearing each other apart, we will damage our ability to win in November. It’s time for an end to the Republican on Republican violence. It’s time for us to begin coming together, we’ve had a vigorous primary, now let’s get serious about winning in November.

Scott joins New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Maine Gov. Ralph LePage, who had previously endorsed Christie, as the third sitting Governor to endorse the Donald. Scott is also well to do businessman who spent millions of his own money during his first run for office.

According to Fox News, Scott refused to make an endorsement before Florida’s primary but he wrote an op-ed in early January all but endorsing Trump. There are rumors that Scott is looking to be Trump’s vice presidential nominee, but Trump told CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “I would absolutely not need another business person.” Maybe Scott missed that.

WHY I BACK TRUMP….an opinion piece…

WHY I BACK TRUMP….an opinion piece…
My own Analysis | 3/10/2016 | Rustybucket

Posted on 3/11/2016, 2:39:08 PM by Rustybucket

I posted this response in 2 other posts, and was requested that I post it by itself. So far I have gotten positive responses, but all comments are welcome.

I understand the core problem with people who do not support Trump. They look at him as a guy who says one thing and does another. This is not the case. I will explain. Trump, is a businessman. It is his job to get what he wants to get done, while satisfying as many opponents in the process. He does this as a daily skill he has developed over the years. He is NOT a politician, but the difference between a good businessman and a good politician is not that different, if you think about it.

If you think that he will, or any person will get into office and magically reverse all that Obama has done, your living in a fantasy world, regardless of what they promise. In the first 100 days, there are some things they can do, they can reverse executive orders, change political appointments, and even perhaps elect judges to the Supreme court.

But, it will be that person with negotiating skills, and the inherent ability to deal with both sides of the isle that will get the most done. Its the ART of the deal maker that will win the day.

Ted Cruz is universally hated by most in Washington, and IMO would be good for a SCOTUS appointment. Marco Rubio is just too young and inexperienced for such a monumental task, but his day may come. Hillary Clinton, is Bill Clinton II, or worse Obama II, she advocates all that he has done, and wants to continue with more of the same. She is a con artist since the days of white water, is a liar, hypocrite, and deceiver over Bengazi, is a Traitor over classified material in her own home on Servers, and should be in Jail, lot less running for Office. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, with no plans to really fix our country, rather spend its money earned by others, and continue the Obama legacy which he has much respect for…my God.

Trump is a problem solver, his goal is to get things done. He does not make idle promises and has a good idea what he can accomplish and what he can’t. If he says he can build something, he usually already has people in mind to get the job done.

He is smart enough to know that he does not know everything, but is also smart enough to hire the people who know what he does not to make the best decision.

He finances himself, not because he has to, but because he knows that he cannot be influenced by a financier if he is to do what needs to be done.

I don’t think he cares if he gets re-elected, if he does not meet his goals the first time around. I also think that if he tries to get things done and meets immovable people, he will not have any problem taking the issue to the people to bring pressure from the peoples side. He can’t fire them, but he can make there lives very uncomfortable if they stand in the way.

He will not be politically correct with the peoples business, things will be done on time, at cost, and there will be no pork. He will exercise the Veto Pen, and will push for line item vetoing and simplified propositions, bills will be straightforward with NO additional pork. How refreshing. Any negotiations will be before the bill is written.

In short, America is a business, if you spend money for programs, they are business, not politics.

If your dealing with defense, your in it to win it. You don’t send soldiers into a battle with their hands tied. It will be brutal and vicious, and our enemies will learn to avoid it at all costs. Brutality will be met with Overwhelming Brutality. We will win..FINALLY

Our military will become the strongest the newest and the most powerful in the world, AND we will use Americans to design and build it.

Our economy will begin to manufacture in America, we will stop importing people for jobs that can be filled with Americans with same or better skills (H1-B visa)

Finally we will secure our borders with Walls and technology, we will employ our ex-military who will use skills learned in service to protect our borders. All of this cannot be accomplished by a politician, it must be accomplished by a business savvy person, who understands construction, and contracts, and personnel. Only one candidate fits the bill.


The Rubio Rally That Wasn’t
Rebecca Hagelin | Mar 08, 2016
Rebecca Hagelin

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The man was standing alone, leaning against the wall in the still half-empty conference room that the Marco Rubio campaign had rented for the senator’s “big” Tampa rally. It was only 15 minutes before start time, and people were only trickling in.

“Are you a Rubio supporter?” I asked the 60-something gentleman.

“No. I’m just here to see the train wreck.”

While in line 30 minutes before the event waiting (with only a couple of hundred other people) for the door to open, I heard several say, not that they had come to support Rubio, but that they were now undecided about who to vote for. Anxious campaign staff kept looking for crowds that weren’t there, and would never materialize.

The Tampa Convention Center was the spot for this ill-fated rally. The expectation of those around me was that they would be among thousands of raucous Rubio supporters inside the main arena. No one seemed prepared for such a dismal showing in one of the largest cities in the home state of the man who would be president. The stagnation of spirits was clear: even avid supporters’ faces revealed that they realized that Marco Rubio is going down.

How sad for the once promising young senator – the firebrand that inspired Floridians across the state enough to topple the Establishment and win a seat in the United States Senate. I was one of those people who believed everything Marco said back then; who saw him as the great hope for national restoration of conservative values.

But like many of my fellow Floridians who supported Marco, I soon realized that he had kicked me in the gut. The young senator broke his promises, belied many of his conservative principles, and ran right into the loving arms of the likes of Senator Chuck Schumer. Marco locked arms with the liberals and the Establishment, and ended up betraying the very voters who elected him as well as the many legal immigrants in Florida and across the country who had played by the rules.

But back totonight’s event. Several times in that last 15 minutes before Marco arrived, folks and staff on the stage tried to rev up the crowd. Cheers that they started quickly petered out, ending in an awkward verbal silence. The rock music blaring through large speakers was turned up instead.

As Marco entered the still partially filled room (I estimate a crowd of about 700 or so, and that is being generous), he was met with lots of enthusiasm from those standing near the front. But I watched the people in the middle of the room, and they were very slow to be caught up in the drama of Marco lingo.

To be fair, Marco did manage to rev up the small crowd a bit. His biggest applause lines were the same ones I heard in 2010: he extolled a great country where the son of a bartender and a maid could grow up to possibly become president of the United States; he promised to be the first president in many years to uphold the Constitution.

All inspiring stuff, for sure. Except that we’ve heard this part of his speech before, and I, for one, am no longer impressed. As the faithful, the faithful few, cheered and clapped, I studied the faces of the others. They no longer seemed convinced that Marco Rubio has the ability to claim the mantel of conservative leadership, at least not for now. If they came with hope, their faces and body language revealed that they were leaving with despair.

When Marco Rubio betrayed me as the General of the Gang of Eight, I started looking closely for another leader I could believe in. Would there be, could there be, another Ronald Reagan in my lifetime?

As I studied them all, one person quickly rose to the top. I have become an avid supporter of Ted Cruz, the young firebrand who took Texas by storm, who whopped up on the Establishment, and went to join Senator Marco Rubio in DC. Like Marco, Ted is the son of a Cuban immigrant, a father who washed dishes to pay to help make his American Dream a reality. Yes, the inspiring personal stories of the senators are very similar. And the Senate race campaign promises they both made are also strikingly similar. But that is where the similarities end.

While Marco betrayed his campaign promises, Ted Cruz delivered on every one of his, and then some. And Ted Cruz is still whopping up on the Establishment.

My searching revealed that it was Ted Cruz who has successfully fought for religious freedom, the Second Amendment and a restoration of Constitutional principles. And it was Sen. Cruz who led the charge to dismantle and defeat my Florida senator’s massive amnesty scheme.

This time around as the two men face off, Marco may still inspire with emotional speeches, but Ted Cruz inspires with a record of courageous deeds.

As I left the depressing event of my once promising Florida senator, I walked away with a sense of sadness for Marco Rubio. I started praying that he would love country more than quest; that he would do the honorable thing and step aside and help the man whose life story is so like his own. That Marco would help Ted take America back. With Marco’s support, Ted Cruz can defeat Donald Trump – and then Hillary Clinton. Marco is a young man who is capable of making a great political comeback. But only if he finds his internal compass; searches his soul; and gracefully leaves the race before he is miserably defeatednext Tuesday in his home state.

Every day more Republicans and Evangelicals are coming to realize that Donald Trump is just a liberal in Reagan clothing. They are now coalescing behind Ted Cruz causing him to surge in votes, in delegates, and in money raised.

If Marco Rubio does the right thing – for his country and for himself – Ted Cruz will beat Donald Trump. And polls show that in a Ted Cruz vs. Hillary Clinton general election, Ted Cruz easily becomes the next president of the United States.

With quick action, Marco’s imminent train wreck can be avoided. The choice is his.