At the time we booked the meeting hall, we were not aware that the Commission Chamber Building was going to have major work done to the roof. Therefore, we have changed the location of our meeting and made a change to the agenda.

High Probability for Terrorist Attack on the U.S. and Western Nations
Upcoming Meeting
How to Survive a Terrorist Attack
Conservative Candidate Running for U.S. Congress In the New District

After the information gained in the San Bernadino attack, it’s apparent there is a strong possibility that the Continental U.S. will have more Terrorist Attacks.

The FBI recently identified an area in the N.W. section of Florida, somewhere in the Middleburg vicinity, as being on a target list.

It’s sometimes difficult to imagine that Gilchrist County could be on the radar screen, but there is that possibility.

It is vital, that we take the time to know how to properly prepare for an emergency event because there is no telling where and when the next attack will happen. We know for sure, that no-one in San Bernardino thought it would be there, and a disabled care facility seemed even less of a target.

The Gilchrist County Tea Party is committed to the task of informing the public of vital information about our local, state and federal issues, and also providing information to you about personal safety and public safety.

Our first meeting in January, the third Tuesday, January 19th at 7 PM we will present a special program on how to protect and prepare you and your family from a terrorist attack.

Our guest speaker, Sheriff Bobby Schultz, will present to you a program that covers the necessary steps that YOU and YOUR FAMILY need to take in order to be safe. Make sure you take the time to attend.

Also, this begins ‘the political year’, one of the most important political years of our Country’s history.

We have lost the GREAT Ted Yoho as our Congressman due to redistricting….Ted has been a champion of Conservativeism……but there is a conservative candidate running and she will be a guest speaker at our meeting so that you can meet her, speak with her and ask questions.

Mary Thomas will be our guest. and we are eager to hear what her platform will be.

Please join the Gilchrist County Tea Party’s first meeting of 2016 on January 19th, 2016. The meeting starts at 7 PM at

430 N.W. COUNTY ROAD 138

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