This month’s Gilchrist County Tea Party will be devoted to understanding the lengthy voter’s ballot and addressing all of the 11 State of Florida amendments.  November 6th is going to be a challenging process for voters.

Understanding the ballot, which is planned to be two pages long, will be reviewed by Connie Sanchez, Election’s Supervisor, who will be at the meeting with a draft of the ballot.  She will be able to answer any questions the public has on the procedures for voting November 6th.

The main focus of the meeting will be an explanation of all the 11 amendments, pros and cons, and a vote on the recommendation from the Tea Party on how to vote on each one of the amendments.  In addition, Dr. Chris Hall, KrisAnne Hall’s husband, will also be part of the panel.  Dr. Hall and Kris have both done research into the amendments.  Those results will be printed on the November 6th “Voters Guide” that the Tea Party will print.

Representative Keith Perry will lead the evenings review with copies of all the amendments, and a discussion on the purpose of the amendment followed by a vote on whether the Tea Party members will support each amendment.

Mr. Perry will have copies of the amendments for all those that attend and input from the audience will allow questions so everyone understands each amendment.  Some are simple and others are very complicated.  Also available will be the suggested recommendations from other conservative group and their recommendations.

After each amendment, those attending will vote on the amendment and the results will be published in the Gilchrist County Tea Party’s Voters Guide.  Charlie Perez, President of the Tea Party suggested that voters will need a Voter’s Guide this year, since there are so many issues on the ballot, from the Presidential Elections to local elections to all 11 amendments.  It’s going to be tough to remember everything, especially the amendments, and that’s why having a Voter’s Guide will be beneficial to everyone.

Join the Gilchrist County Tea Party Meeting, September 18, 7:00 P.M., at the Trenton Community Center, 214 S.E. 3rd Avenue, Trenton, Florida.