WHY I BACK TRUMP….an opinion piece…

WHY I BACK TRUMP….an opinion piece…
My own Analysis | 3/10/2016 | Rustybucket

Posted on 3/11/2016, 2:39:08 PM by Rustybucket

I posted this response in 2 other posts, and was requested that I post it by itself. So far I have gotten positive responses, but all comments are welcome.

I understand the core problem with people who do not support Trump. They look at him as a guy who says one thing and does another. This is not the case. I will explain. Trump, is a businessman. It is his job to get what he wants to get done, while satisfying as many opponents in the process. He does this as a daily skill he has developed over the years. He is NOT a politician, but the difference between a good businessman and a good politician is not that different, if you think about it.

If you think that he will, or any person will get into office and magically reverse all that Obama has done, your living in a fantasy world, regardless of what they promise. In the first 100 days, there are some things they can do, they can reverse executive orders, change political appointments, and even perhaps elect judges to the Supreme court.

But, it will be that person with negotiating skills, and the inherent ability to deal with both sides of the isle that will get the most done. Its the ART of the deal maker that will win the day.

Ted Cruz is universally hated by most in Washington, and IMO would be good for a SCOTUS appointment. Marco Rubio is just too young and inexperienced for such a monumental task, but his day may come. Hillary Clinton, is Bill Clinton II, or worse Obama II, she advocates all that he has done, and wants to continue with more of the same. She is a con artist since the days of white water, is a liar, hypocrite, and deceiver over Bengazi, is a Traitor over classified material in her own home on Servers, and should be in Jail, lot less running for Office. Bernie Sanders is a socialist, with no plans to really fix our country, rather spend its money earned by others, and continue the Obama legacy which he has much respect for…my God.

Trump is a problem solver, his goal is to get things done. He does not make idle promises and has a good idea what he can accomplish and what he can’t. If he says he can build something, he usually already has people in mind to get the job done.

He is smart enough to know that he does not know everything, but is also smart enough to hire the people who know what he does not to make the best decision.

He finances himself, not because he has to, but because he knows that he cannot be influenced by a financier if he is to do what needs to be done.

I don’t think he cares if he gets re-elected, if he does not meet his goals the first time around. I also think that if he tries to get things done and meets immovable people, he will not have any problem taking the issue to the people to bring pressure from the peoples side. He can’t fire them, but he can make there lives very uncomfortable if they stand in the way.

He will not be politically correct with the peoples business, things will be done on time, at cost, and there will be no pork. He will exercise the Veto Pen, and will push for line item vetoing and simplified propositions, bills will be straightforward with NO additional pork. How refreshing. Any negotiations will be before the bill is written.

In short, America is a business, if you spend money for programs, they are business, not politics.

If your dealing with defense, your in it to win it. You don’t send soldiers into a battle with their hands tied. It will be brutal and vicious, and our enemies will learn to avoid it at all costs. Brutality will be met with Overwhelming Brutality. We will win..FINALLY

Our military will become the strongest the newest and the most powerful in the world, AND we will use Americans to design and build it.

Our economy will begin to manufacture in America, we will stop importing people for jobs that can be filled with Americans with same or better skills (H1-B visa)

Finally we will secure our borders with Walls and technology, we will employ our ex-military who will use skills learned in service to protect our borders. All of this cannot be accomplished by a politician, it must be accomplished by a business savvy person, who understands construction, and contracts, and personnel. Only one candidate fits the bill.

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