Explaining Trump is Easy
me | 1/20/2016 | EternalHope

Posted on 1/20/2016, 11:18:35 PM by EternalHope

Explaining Trump is easy:

We have finally realized that regardless of what they SAY, there is very little difference between what the Republicans and Democrats actually DO once they are in power.

We can not fix it within the system. We have tried that and failed miserably.

So we have turned to outsiders (primarily Trump and Cruz). We are fed up with BOTH parties and want to fire essentially ALL of them.

This is my attempt to explain Trump. Someone else can explain Cruz.

Trump is not as pure as the driven snow. But we have tried pure before and it turned out to be disguised manure.

It is not just that Trump is an outsider. He gets it on three really big issues:

1. Illegal immigration. That is the issue that originally propelled him to front runner status. If we do not fix it we lose our country.

2. Radical Islam. ALL of our milquetoast leaders in Washington and ALL of our mainstream media are afraid to even say what us common folks can see easily: Radical Islam is EVIL.

3. Political Correctness. Our whole country has been brow beaten into abject fear by political correctness. Good grief, it took Trump to bring back the phrase Merry Christmas.

Trump took the lead on all three of these issues. Some of our other candidates have similar positions to his on these issues, NOW. But Trump was the one with the guts and savvy to actually bring them up and make them into major issues. Some of our candidates talk a good game, but Trump PLAYS a good game.

So… Is Trump perfect? NO.

Does he have the guts, charisma, and leadership ability to raise issues and WIN when he does? YES.

Trump has completely changed the issues in this campaign, and changed them in a way this country desperately needs.

NOT ONE of our other candidates could have done what he has done. He has been attacked non-stop by both parties and the entire MSM, and has still pulled it off.

From my personal perspective there are only two candidates I would consider voting for: Trump and Cruz.

But it is very clear that Cruz could not have done what Trump has done. That makes Trump my choice hands down.

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